Looking for veterinary services in Northern Virginia?

Home Veterinary Care of Northern Virginia has a purpose built mobile veterinary clinic that is fully equipped to provide all the necessary services to your front door.

  • Annual wellness exams for dogs and cats, the key to long and healthy lives for pets
  • Vaccine programs tailored to your pet’s specific needs and level of exposure
  • One-on-one behavior consultations provided on-site, where the problems are occurring
  • Diagnostic laboratory testing for screening and preventative care
  • Puppy and kitten care and new owner consultations to answer all of your questions about raising the perfect pet
  • Nutritional consultations for pets who require special diets or have unique metabolic needs
  • Microchip identification implanting to ensure the safe return of your pet
  • Geriatric care for the comfort of older pets with special needs
  • Personalized humane euthanasia in the pet’s home and provisions for final arrangements.

Looking For Help With Your Exotic Family Members?

We are now offering husbandry advice and basic wellness care for your exotic pets.

This will include nail trims, beak trims, wing trims, vaccinations and answering any questions you may have about the proper upkeep of our exotic friends.

We will not be providing extensive medical treatments, just routine medical care. If any extensive treatments are required, we will refer you to SEAVS.

The prices are as follows:

Travel Fee $60

Exam $40

Nail Trim $22

Beak Trim $22

Wing Trim $22

Husbandry Advice $40

Vaccinations $88.50 (ferret rabies)